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Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Visits Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Visits Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry


On May 4th, 2024, the esteemed Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh, embarked on a significant visit to the Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). His presence marked a pivotal moment in the ongoing development and strategic positioning of Gwadar as a burgeoning maritime hub.

Chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority, Passand Khan Buledi, accompanied the minister during this consequential visit. Their presence underscored the collaborative efforts between government bodies and the private sector to propel Gwadar's growth trajectory.

Upon their arrival, they were warmly welcomed by the President of GCCI, Shams Ul Haq Kalmati, who expressed gratitude for the minister's interest and support in advancing Gwadar's maritime capabilities. The visit provided an opportunity for fruitful discussions on various initiatives aimed at enhancing the port's efficiency, infrastructure, and connectivity.

Joining the deliberations were prominent business leaders including Faisal Jamal Dashti, Shay Mukhtar, Haji Ghulam Muhammad, Haji Karim Dad, and Yahya Rind. Their presence reflected the diverse stakeholder engagement necessary for driving holistic development in the region.

The visit concluded on a note of optimism, with all participants reaffirming their commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at transforming Gwadar into a globally competitive maritime center. The engagement between government officials, industry leaders, and stakeholders served as a testament to the collective vision and determination driving Gwadar's journey towards prosperity and prominence on the world stage.


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